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Cover Letter

I am inspired today as I see that the latest advances in technology make it easier to explore more innovative strategies and initiatives for personalized learning. Conventional strategies do not always fit future learning and development needs, especially with so many social, mobile and media influences. Learners fail when insufficient strategies do not stimulate interest, goals and commitment to success.

In my resume, you will find strategies, analytics and initiatives that focus on demystifying the world of learning and performance. This experience pioneers research about:

  • personalization
  • adaptive learning
  • learning orientation
  • learning analytics
Integrated with recent advances in the neurosciences, these learning solutions try to match and support the critical factors that influence how an individual can learn more successfully. This approach emphasizes the powerful impact of emotions and intentions on learning.

Thank you for reading my cover letter and my resume. You will see evidence showing an unusual dedication, drive and goal orientation to succeed with all challenges. I would be delighted to talk to you about your staffing needs and see how I might be able to contribute to your professional goals. If I can provide any further information, contact me at your earliest convenience.


Margaret Martinez, Ph.D.

Professional Skills and Experience

  • Educational research, and measurement
  • Learner strategies, initiatives and analytics
  • Business and financial planning
  • Analysis, assessment, and evaluation
  • Leadership, management, and administration
  • E-learning, training and certification
  • Language abilities (German & Spanish)
  • Product design, development delivery
  • Program and project management
  • Professional sales and marketing
  • Conference management
  • Instructional multimedia design and development
  • Computer, networking & programming skills
  • Analytical, writing, and creativity

Learning Orientation Research at:

Peer-Reviewed Research Studies at:

Book Chapters, Publications, Presentations at:

E-Learning Guild Research 360 Report
"Measuring Success" (2007, Co-Author)

E-Learning Guild Research 360 Report
"Learning Management Systems" (2007,Co-Author)

Qualifications Highlights

  • Pioneer of the learning orientation research that highlights the significant impact of emotions and intentions on learning and memory.
  • Unique combination of expertise in learner analytics, educational research (psychology, measurement, and technology), corporate training, learning assessment, certification, and business management.
  • Diverse worldwide training and education background with more than thirty years of experience in multilingual, multicultural, and rapidly changing work environments.
  • Proven dynamic leadership and interpersonal abilities for managing international staff through example, influence, understanding, and empowerment.
  • Proven administrative ability to manage worldwide training, conferences, assessment and certification programs, services and products.
  • Unique combination of expertise using psychology and technology to promote and support individual learning success.


Brigham Young University Ph.D., Instructional Psychology and Technology, 1999
University of Southern California Masters Certification, Management Information System, 1986
California State University, Fullerton, Masters, Library and Information Science, 1978

Career Highlights / CEO, Chief Learning Officer, 2015-Present
Provide leadership and specific direction for product development, services, learner analytics and client relationships. Offer personalized and adaptive learning that identifies, predicts, and supports individualized learning capabilities and a more competitive edge.

The Training Place, Inc. / President & CEO, Chief Learning Officer, 1999-2015
Provided leadership for the company and specific direction for product development, services, and client relationships. Designed and developed innovative computer-based Intelligent E-Learning Systems for fostering, measuring, and improving successful learning and self-managed achievement in corporate learning environments. Lead learning orientation research and development of personalization models and alternative assessment tools. Conducted workshops on Successful Learning Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation Strategies.

Performance Dimensions / Director, 1995-1998.
Provided instructional psychology and technology services, products, and programs. Provided instructional services and products, including books, articles, instructional courses, business, product, and marketing plans, proposals, technical/instructional manuals, and web sites. Managed a National Science Foundation's Expert Learning project and web site (once located at

WordPerfect Corporation / Worldwide Director, Training & Certification, 1992-1995.
Created and directed WordPerfect's (WPCorp) first worldwide educational department. Managed internal and external training and certification programs, services, and products for six international regions and twenty different countries. Direct report to the Senior VP Sales and WPCorp CEO. Worked with WPCorp's worldwide offices, coordinators, and departments. Ensured that the certification, conference and training organizations were fiscally and organizationally responsible (Budget $6M+ and 60+ staff) and that department goals aligned with organizational business goals and strategies. Managed instructional design, development, production, implementation, evaluation and delivery of multi-cultural education, training and certification products and services to WPCorp's global employees, customers, resellers, distributors, and training organizations. Liaised regularly with worldwide coordinators and departments to develop, focus, and implement long-term, corporate-wide strategic training and certification plans. Worked with certified instructors and training centers, large account customers, third-party vendors, employees, advertisers, translators, and publishers. Implemented a variety of educational services and products using different media technology. Supervised management of the WPCorp Conference Center and the WPCorp Training Center.

WordPerfect Corporation / International Director, Training & Certification, 1992.
Created and directed WordPerfect's (WPCorp) first international educational department and managed internal and external services, programs and products for twenty different countries. Integrated educational programs, services, and standards with WPCorp's international departments. Supervised staff that provided training and certification programs, services, and products to international employees, customers, and training organizations. Worked with certified instructors, organizations, and training centers, large account customers, third-party vendors, employees, advertisers, translators, and publishers to implement WPCorp services, products, and programs.

WordPerfect Germany / Manager, Training and Certification, 1990-1992.
Working in Frankfurt, Germany, created Germany's first training and certification program. Planned, designed, developed, marketed, and evaluated training (product, sales, employee, and reseller) and certification programs and products. Supported WPCorp's training product sales and marketing activities throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Managed development and distribution of English and German instructional materials. Created and managed the WPCorp Germany Training and Conference Center.

City Colleges of Chicago / Adjunct Professor, College Faculty, 1991-1993.
Adjunct Professor of Computer Education for the City Colleges of Chicago.

Frankfurt Military Community / System Administrator, 1989.
Managed an automated personnel system on networked computer systems (UNIX)to support community human resource requirements.

Defense Technical Information Center / Senior-Level Information Specialist (GS-14), 1988-1989.
Provided research, program design, management, liaison, and conference support for high-profile defense and educational research programs.

Defense Technical Information Center and Office of Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Research and Advanced Technology, RLM)/Senior-Level Technical Information Specialist (GS-13), 1987-1988.
Provided educational research and program management for university research programs. Prepared educational research publications for the DOD, federal offices, and Congress.

Professional and Educational Awards

  • Who's Who in the World 2005-2007
  • Who's Who in American Women 2004-2007
  • Who's Who in American Education 2005-2007
  • National Leadership Award from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)
  • American Society for Training and Development / Dissertation Award 2000, Top Five Finalist
  • Association for Computing Machinery / 1999 Research Award
  • Graduate Research Award, SIGDOC Conference
  • Society for Technical Communication, Educational Research Grant, 1997-1999
  • Northern Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association / 1998 Financial Stipend for Best Paper
  • BYU Educational Symposium, Provo, Utah April / 1997 Financial Stipend for Best Paper
  • Utah Valley Graduate Tuition Grant, 1997
  • Graduate Tuition Grant, 1995, 1996
  • Superior Performance Award, Defense Communications Agency, August 1987
  • Special Act Award, Defense Communications Agency, May 1986
  • Dept of the Army Commendation, Baumholder Military Community, 1983
(A complete list highlighting additional awards and commendations available upon request)

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